Drinnan Family History

This website has been set up by a Drinnan descendant to be dedicated to Drinnan Family History and Genealogy and is available to everyone interested in family history regarding the Drinnan family, regardless of where they are or where the interest is being researched. It is here to inform ourselves, to make contact with each other, and to share information so that we can all further complete our family histories.

This project is just beginning so please bear with me as it develops. A full structure of what it will contain is still being worked on, however suggestions are always welcome and will be considered.

The site will however at all times respect the privacy of the individual and ensure that details on living Drinnan descendants will not appear or do so in a form that does not allow identification. Family history is about discovering roots and making connections, and rarely touches on the current day, except for each of our own closer family environments. This policy itself is recently born and will be further refined to provide assurances of privacy. It will err on the side of privacy whenever there is a concern.

Welcome to this website and I hope together we can all make it contribute to the Drinnan Family History.

Apologies for the very long delay in getting back to this. I'd be happy to receive any Drinnan Family correspondence to see how we can make it available to everyone interested in Drinnan Family History.

For enquiries, please send an email to familyhistory@drinnan.info

Page Last Updated: 6th January 2018